How Moms are Making Money in Their Spare Time with Writing

9 Ways for Moms to Make Money Writing Online

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Are you miserable in your day job and are looking for ways to make money writing online?  

Maybe you´re dreaming about something new that could one day transition into your full time job?

Feeling trapped forever in a day job sucks, trust me, I know!

All things online start with written content! Which is why there are sooooo many opportunities for moms to make money writing online in your spare time.

If you have an interest in any topic and enjoy sharing your thoughts with others, then there are multiple options for you to start earning money online today.

Writing online offers flexibility that, let´s face it, your current boss doesn´t give you!

Also, it doesn’t matter what time of day or night you work on your writing as long as you hit your deadlines.

And the best part?.. You don’t need any qualifications or experience to start!

In this blog post, we will discuss 9 different ways you can turn your spare time into cash.


1. Blogging

Blogging is a tried-and-tested method to make money writing online, from home, in your PJs.

You can blog about anything you want and can do it in your spare time without quitting the day job.

When done correctly, blogging will help bring in steady income as long as you keep putting out quality posts on a regular basis.

Blogging requires consistency, and it´s definitely not a ‘Get rich quick’ scheme.

It will take time for your blog to gain momentum and income, but it is absolutely possible to make a living off of blogging.

Ever wondered how exactly bloggers earn money?

Well, there are a number of way…

– Affiliate marketing.

– Advertising on your blog.

– Sponsored posts.

– Selling your own products like courses and ebooks.

When you become an affiliate you promote other people´s products and services and earn a small commission every time you drive a sale. The seller could be a huge company or an individual.

The key is to promote products you´re passionate about and provide a solution to the reader´s problem.

Starting a blog is easy and you can think of it as a platform from which you can test different monetization strategies as well as support your online writing business.

2. Blogging for Others

Guest blogging is a great way to get started before going full throttle with your own blog. 

Writing guest posts will allow you time and space as part of someone else’s established content while learning what it takes to be successful online at some level or another!

If you´re just looking for a buck and are okay with not having your name credited on your work ghostwriting is a fantastic option!

A bonus is these gigs often pay rates 30% – 50% higher than articles bylined with the writer’s name as you will not be granted permission to use them in your writing portfolio.

Just like with guest blogging, you can also look for ghostwriting jobs through sites such as Upwork.

Looking at the client´s writing style and tone will give you a good idea of what they are looking for in their content.

Making sure that your ideas mesh well with theirs is paramount to successfully making money online!


3. Making a Niche Website

If you have a strong interest in a particular subject creating a niche site could be one of the best decisions you will ever make!

They’re easy to start, cheap to maintain (sometimes even free), and give your content a chance at success with readers who already love what you are offering every month!

Channel your inner expert and create content around a specialized field that helps readers make buying decisions on products.

As with blogging you can earn a pretty penny through ads or affiliate programs.

4. Copywriting

Ever wondered who writes the ‘blurbs’ in websites and those marketing emails you just can´t stop reading? Well someone does and what´s more they get paid well for it.

That person could be you. 

Copywriting is a form of writing used for promotion and marketing purposes to sell stuff for brands, be it products or services.

Copywriting is your gig if you´re skilled at writing persuasive, compelling text that is tailored to a product being sold to its unique audience of buyers.

Being one of the more skilled forms of writing it could be a good idea to start with a course.

There are loads of courses available online. Start with a free one, join some forums and ask which paid-for courses are the best if you decide it´s for you.

The most important part is to start! 😉


5. Self-Published E-Book

Compared to the enormous pain in the butt that can be publishing in print, e-books can be relatively hassle free.

There are e-books for every genre you could think of, from instructional guides such as “bests mindfulness practices for daily life” to romance novels, fiction, even erotica.

Once your book is ready to go, you can upload it to various self-publishing platforms like Amazon´s Kindle Direct Publishing or Draft2Digital.

You can then create a free account at websites that offer eBooks for sale and promote them yourself with Facebook ads, Twitter posts etc. If your content takes off you could even hire an online PR agency to help you sell more.

It is also a great idea to pitch your online writing services as a book editor!

Making money with editing is an alternative way of earning income from the written word that can be used alongside all other forms of monetization strategies mentioned previously in this blog post. 


6. Submit Magazine Articles

Are you the one who leaves your friends hanging on the edge of their seat over your juicy stories? Maybe your political opinions commands the attention of a room when you talk?

Why not write your ideas down and turn them into a magazine article to make money writing online.

Magazines are always on the lookout for new writers with a fresh voice and new perspective and they pay well too! Some magazines pay upwards of $500 per article.

A good place to start is The Writer´s Market which can give you all the information you need on the subject and how to go about it.

Bonus: your articles could get published online too via various websites such as Huffington Post, Elite Daily etc., depending on where they´re accepted. This can help super charge your writing career.


7. Transcribe Documents

Every day, all around the world, recordings of the works of academics, researchers and professionals need to be transcribed.

There´s heaps of work in this area… don´t even get me started on podcasting!

If you’re comfortable with listening to voice and conversational recordings whilst writing down what’s been said, this could be the way to go.

Transcribing audio will bring in anywhere between $15 to $25 per hour. As in most cases you could potentially earn much more if you specialise in a particular niche.

Check out Transcribe Me,  Quicktate, and Crowdsurf, for recently posted jobs.

To support podcaster you can send cold pitches out to those you would like to work with as a freelance writer.

8. Create Content for Social Media

Small businesses often hire freelance writers to manage their social media presence.

The most common platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Content can iclude:

  • Writing posts for their pages and profiles 
  • Engaging with potential customers online to create engagement
  • Replying to their comments on previous content shared

Next time you´re about to get lost in the infinite scroll think about the small businesses you follow and whether any of them are irregular in their posting schedule.

Maybe you notice they are struggling to create high quality, engaging content. Take this as an opportunity to reach out to them and offer your writing services!

When reaching out, consider using social media tools like Hootsuite, or Buffer so you can keep track of their posting history.

This will give you the best chance at impressing them with your knowledge as well as offering a tailored solution that is in line with what they already know works for their business.

You´ll want to do your research and be clear before you cold pitch on what services you want to offer and at which rate.

9. Join an Online Freelance Marketplace

The easiest and quickest way to get started with writing is to join some of the best freelance writing platforms, like People-Per-Hour, Fiverr  or Upwork. 

Although the competition if quite tough on most of these, joining a freelance writing website is the first step to land your first writing gig.

Marketplaces put literally thousands of online writing jobs at your fingertips today!

If you want to make money writing on an online freelance marketplace, you should create a profile with samples of your work to demonstrate your style and niche.

Some of the advantages of using a marketplace for finding freelance writing is the fact that there are so many gigs available at any given time.

You can easily filter jobs by their location, price and niche category to find the most relevant writing opportunities for you!

Even though they have a huge number of writers on board, these websites also provide an escrow service where both parties agree upon terms before money is transferred into your account, making the entire process more secure.

If you are a newbie to online writing jobs as a source of income and want to take a non scary first step, one of these freelance websites is the best place to start!


This list doesn´t cover ALL the ways to earn money writing online.

There are so many more possibilities, it´s about getting started, testing some out and finding that perfect fit for you.

The most important part is to get out of the analysis paralysis and take action!

Other moms are doing it and you can too, you have what it takes!


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