Do you dream about quitting your job? getting out of debt? having more free time? travelling? retiring early? doing what you love? building wealth?

Welcome to The Net Worth Girl

I´m Frankie!

I used to dream of these things too but took little action to make them happen.

Stuck in the day to day hamster wheel of corporate life, one day something snapped, I´d had enough! I read the internet, like all of it in one go and come out the other side with just enough knowledge to get me started on a new path.

Since that first online binge I´ve learned a ton and in the last 4 years my family has gone from a Net Worth of €230,000 to €930,000. Whoop Whoop! And we´re not slowing down anytime soon.

My journey from Money Moron to Money Mojo

Brought up in a regular, lower income family for the longest time I followed what was taught as The Definitive Life Plan:

  • Go to University (I racked me up some student debt)
  • Get a Job (I lived paycheck to paycheck)
  • Buy a House (I moved to Spain and in 2005 bought an overpriced apartment with 115% financing)
Yeah you heard right! Not 100% financing but 115%, I know right? More about that later, let´s keep rolling.

"Our salaries increased over the years but so did our spending so we didn´t get very far."

I meet my amazing husband and we had a baby! Yay for me, I did something right!

Because of our growing family we bought a big ´ol house together, had another beautiful baby, kept working a ton and then in December 2016 after 5 years of sleep-deprived grinding, it happened…

Burn Out!!!!

On the 1st January 2017, I typed into Google “I want to quit my job. Like now.”

"I didn´t know what I was looking for I just knew that spending the next 20 years in an office job making someone else rich while I had zero freedom was not a path I was willing to travel."

That initial Google search started me on a year-long crash course in adulting. I got mildly obsessed with reading and listening to blogs and podcasts like Mr Money Moustache, Afford Anything and Budgets are Sexy to name just a few.

This led me to take a cold hard look at the money madness in my life and then I got to it and started making some changes.

I learned how to save, how to invest (it´s surprisingly simple!) and the principals of buy and hold rentals.

But most importantly throughout that year, I totally changed my view of money and its purpose. 

Consequently I started tracking our expenses using simple Excel spreadsheets and running calculations to financial freedom. Since making these changes life has been pretty wonderful.

"Although we would love to reach the security of F.I we plan to always work so building a new life where we have freedom over our time and how we spend it is our immediate goal."

There are so many incredible blogs, books and podcasts out there that are great for building a healthy mindset towards money and work.


  • They are mainly written by men
  • The majority are NOT the principal child carer if they have kids at all
  • Many already work in Finance or IT (they´re numbers people)
  • Many started at a super young age and reached F.I in their 30s
  • 99% of the content is only relevant to the US market

All of the above is not me, so I started this blog.

Why "The Net Worth Girl"?

The aim for us is not money but freedom and security.

Freedom to use our time as we choose, to be with our kids, travel and work on the projects that truly motivate and inspire us. And the security to do it without fear.

Money is the path to freedom and in building wealth the most fundamental exercise is tracking net worth. It´s like a general check-up, a snapshot of where you´re at in all aspects of your finance life.

Also, when I started on this journey one of the first blogs I came across was Jay Money´s Budgets are Sexy. I was amazed he shared all the details of his personal finances. Watching him grow his wealth and share how the hell he´s done it has been so inspiring. Thanks Jay!!! He´s getting real close to the million mark!

Finally, I hope this blog inspires you to find your money mojo and start tracking your net worth too.

Random Facts

People come to me a lot for advice. Like a lot.

I´m really good at building fires.

Like many in the Financial Freedom world my personality type is INFJ-T. I´ve taken the test several years in a row and always get the exact same result! Knowing where your crazy points are is key to success. Take the test here.

I´m a terrible, terrible driver. Shocking.


I´m thrilled you´re here

Drop me a line!

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