The Europeans of Financial Independence January Roundup

Hi there and welcome to the very first “The Europeans of Financial Independence Monthly Roundup”. I´m so excited to start this series!

The topic of personal finance and financial freedom is hugely important to me and while I´m excited to start sharing my own personal journey in this blog I´m also motivated to help build a stronger F.I Community in Europe. Financial Independence is not as widely covered in Europe as is it in States and i´d love to help change that.

I really commend the Europeans that are taking on the challenge of improving their finances and are striving for Financial Freedom.

It takes huge drive to follow the path to F.I when there´s no one in front of you clearing the way. This is often the case in Europe as there is so little country specific, actionable information.

However, that´s rapidly changing. Many people are trailblazing their way through the fog, finding answers on how to apply the American principals of F.I to our side of the pond and then sharing their discoveries and breakthroughs with us all so others can follow more easily. How awesome are people right?

On example is Jørgen Wolf who on his blog documents his extensive research into Crowdfunding platforms in Europe. He has personally travelled to the headquarters of several companies to get the in depth answers we can all benefit from. Thanks Jørgen!!!

So before we get started a big hand to all the Personal Finance bloggers in Europe.

If you´re in the mood for some more reading check out my post Financial Independence in Europe Blogs for a full list of writers blogging about money management in Europe.

Here´s my top picks for January from the world wide interweb:

01: I want to change by life by in Denmark

Peter from is married, in his 30s and living in Copenhagen. I can very much relate to Peter´s background story and his reasons for trying to reach F.I. In this post Peter explains his “why”, his journey so far and the psychology behind his motivation. “It’s not about signing out of society in the end. It’s more about making balance and having more control over the changes in my life.” I could not agree more with this! It´s exactly how I feel about Financial Independence and also, how beautiful written!

02: Creating my Empowerment Ritual by in Germany

Kate has such a beautiful blog in which she goes behind pure personal finance. In this posts she shares her path to building a  “stable regime that allows me to make small steps every day without losing motivation.” Many of us are working towards F.I while juggling other commitments, day jobs, family, other side hustles and when talking about keeping up motivation the struggle is real.

03: Mrs YFG: Why I stay by in the UK

Young FI Guy´s back story is fascinating, his father sadly passed away when he was only 16, leaving him with an inheritance he didn´t know how to manage. Having no choice but to learn he started investing and reached Financial Independence at the highly impressive age of 26. Talk about when life gives you lemons! In this post his wife talks about her reasoning behind why she decides to keep working. Many people in the Financial Independence Community will be able to relate to the conflicting pros and cons of a high paid, rewarding but highly stressful career. A great read.

(Santorini at sunset photo by Tom Grimbert on Unsplash)

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  1. Hi Frankie, thanks for featuring my blog post! 🤘💃😎
    I resonate with your blog a lot – there should be more women in FI 🙂 It’s too much fun to miss out on!

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