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There are countless blogs within the Financial Freedom Movement, some of the most famous being, Mr Money Moustache, Early Retirement Extreme, Afford Anything and Budgets are sexy. These people are trailblazers, having brought the concepts of Financial Independence to a wider audience, and I highly recommend checking them out.


If you´re based in Europe you will hit a point in your journey when you start to get tired of hearing about 401ks and other information that´s irrelevant to you.

The problem with these most famous blogs is that they are 99% written by people based in the US who write about F.I from the view point of the American tax system, American laws, American banks and credit cards.

There are huge differences for Europeans compared to American when on the journey to Financial Independence.

As you get more serious on your journey you´ll want to move on from just mindset thinking to action.  This is where it´s great to read blogs from those Europeans following the Financial Independence path. Yes they exist! And the F.I in Europe Community is growing every day.

For more general information also check out our guide to all the best books to get you started on your path to Financial Independence and, the ultimate Financial Independence Podcast list.

Getting back to our ultimate F.I in Europe blogroll here´s what the abbreviations in the blogroll table stand for:

SINK – Single Income / No Kids

DINK – Dual Income / No Kids

SIK – Single Income / Kids

DIK – Dual Income / Kids


Drop me a line and let me know if there´s a blog i´ve missed
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