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There are countless blogs within the Financial Freedom Movement, some of the most famous being, Mr Money Moustache, Early Retirement Extreme, Afford Anything and Budgets are sexy. They are fantastic, life changing even and I highly recommend checking them out.

As you start researching one blog will lead you onto the next one and the next. There´s a labryinth of  information out there but if you´re based in Europe you will hit a point in your journey when you start to look for something else.

The problem with these most famous blogs is that they are 99% written by people based in the US who write about F.I from the view point of the American tax system, American laws, American banks and credit cards.

As you get more serious on your journey you´ll want to move on from just mindset thinking to action.  This is where it´s great to read blogs from those Europeans following the Financial Independence path. Yes they exist! And the F.I in Europe Community is growing every day.

Some huge differences between the US and many European countries:

  1. We have a very different health care system
  2. Each country has a unique tax system
  3. While many students do take out students loans in Europe they don´t tend to be as high as in the US
  4. Travel hacking through credit cards is certainly possible in Europe but there are not as many credit card options as in the US


Do you know a site that should be on the list?

If i missed your blog, just drop me a line and i´ll happily add you. The more the merrier!

Anyways enough flafing about let´s get to it. Here´s the list of European Financial Independence Blogs. Enjoy!


01. FIRE Hub

02. Financial Independence Europe


01. Easy Dividend

02. Meine Finanzielle Freiheit

03. Denkfabrik


01. Amber Tree Leaves

02. Money Caravan

03. The Melon Deal

04. Financial Freedom Sloth

05. Fight to Fire


01. Financially Free

02. My Investment Blog

03. Money Mow

04. Frinans

05. Total Balance


01. Finance Freedom 


01. Luc Brialy

02. Optimiser Mes Finances

03. Save it, Invest It

04. Reach Financial Independence

05. ABC Argent


01. What Life Could Be

02. Budget like a Sir

03. Ich Will Geld Essen

04. Piggy Banking

05. Thorsten Hartmann

06. Finanzielle Freiheit Mit Dividenden

07. Finanzmixerin

08. Getmad

09. Passives Einkommen Mit P2P

10. Die Freiheitsmaschine

11. Financial Blogroll

12. Finanziell Frei Mit 30

13. Frugalisten

14. Geldschnurrbart

15. Klunkerchen

16. Finanzwesir

17. Ex Studentin

18. Tim Schäfer Media

19. Ankur Garg Simple Life

20. Madame Money Penny

21. Eyes on the Goal

22. Finanzglueck

23. Auf Heller und Pfennig

34. Freaky Finance

35. Ms Maxi


01. Our Wallet


01. Halt Catch Fire


01. Frugalistico

02. Gracefully Expat

03. Financial Independence Ireland

04. Fire-ish

05. Informed Decisions


01. Financial Free Self


01. Diventero Milionario

02. Stalflare

03. Incassaforte


01. Broke Investor


01. My Financial Shape

The Netherlands

01. The Road to One Million

02. Monk Wealth

03. Het Rijke Wijf

04. Financially Free in 10 Years

05. GeenBaanMeer

06. Fire the Boss

07. Struikelen

08. Dutch Journey to F.I

09. Dutch Independence

10. Dromen en Doen

11. Cheesy Finance

12. The Road to One Million

13. Gelddromer

14. Financial Onafhankelijk Blog

15. Meneer en Mevrouw

16. Stoppen Voor Mijn Vijftigste

17. Geldnerd

18. Polliesdividend

19. Divnomics

20. Geld is Tijd

21. Zuinigeman

22. Stashing Dutchman

23. Weg Naar Zelfvoorziening

24. Niet Tot 71

25. Mom 4 Life

26. Simpel Rijk Leven


01. Route to F.I

02. Frihetsfondet

03. Finansnerden

04. Formuebygging

05. Frugasaurus

06. Stockles

07. Money Blog


01. Fridomia


01. From Cents to Retirement

02. A Tio Patinhas

03. Rico Pobre


01. Caruta cu Bani

02. Stiinta Banilor

03. Laurentiu Mihai


01. Halt Catch Fire


01. Peniaze Su Cas


01. Fuera de la Rueda

02. Vivir al Maximo

03. Inversor Inteligente

04. Independencia Financiera

05. Inversor Millennial

06. Camino Hacia la I.F

07. La Hormiga Capitalista

08. Hops & Numbers

09. Revenue Land

10. 100 Steps to Financial Independence

11. The Net Worth Girl  😉 

12. Miguel Gomez

13. Samurai Financiero

14. Agustín Grau

15. Inteligencia Viajera

16. Euro a Euro

17. Opinatron

18. Preahorro

19. 123 Dinero

20. Gestión Pasiva

21. Al Fin Libre!


01. Sweden Dendivin

02. Rika Tillsammans

03. Petrusko

04. Gustavs Aktieblogg

05. Investacus

06. Molekylär Ekonomi


01. Hops & Numbers

02. The Poor Swiss

03. Hippies de Land Rover

04. Retire in Progress

05. Money Mongoose

06. Sparkojote

07. Dividendes

08. Financial Imagineer

09. Mustachian Post


01. Money for the Modern Girl

02. Foxy Monkey

03. Early Retirement in UK

04. FIRE v London

05. The Frugal Cottage

06. The Finance Zombie

07. Little Miss Fire

08. How to Save Cash

09. Quietly Saving

10. Early Retirement Guy

11. Foxy Monkey

12. Dividend Life

13. Retirement Investing Today

14. The Escape Artist

15. Simple Living in Somerset

16. Monevator

17. The Firestarter

18. The Canny Contractor

19. Having Fun Cracking Retirement

20. The Next Chapter

21. The Saving Journey

22. Gentleman´s Family Finances

23. The FIRE Shrink

24. Pursue FIRE

25. Sparkle Bee´s Journey to F.I

26. The English Investor

27. Finance your FIRE

28. Steel Kitten

29. Fork my Crumble

30. F.I UK Money

31. FIRE in London

32. Young F.I Guy

33. Cashflow Cop

34. Ms Ziyou

35. My Deliberate Life

36. FIRE the 9 to 5

37. 3652 Days

38. Tuppennys FIRE Place

39. Sex Health Money Death

40. The Humble Penny

41. Saving Ninja

42. Indeedably

43. Money on FIRE

44. Inspiring Life Design

45. Dr FIRE

46. The Frugal Foxes

47. Stupid is the Norm

48. The Penny Ninja

49. Money Bulldog

50. Mamafurfur

51. South Wales FI

14 thoughts on “Financial Independence in Europe Blogs”

  1. Oh! my second mention (after Firehub). Thank you so much Frankie! Really appreciate it.

    You have a light and airy site design, very refreshing, really like it.
    Just read your “about” as well, and it’s great that the (European) FIRE community is such a diverse group.

    You’ve got a new follower 😉

    1. The Net Worth Girl

      Thankyou so much! I enjoy reading your blog, I found the article “ETFs: size doesn’t matter, kinda” very enlightening!

    1. Thankyou so much David! Spain needs more voices spreading the message of financial literacy and your blog is doing a fantastic job!

  2. Thanks for including me in this very classy and extensive list.
    Your blog is lovely, you did a great job!

    PS: please add Serbia/Hungary (I am a Hungarian guy, but living in Serbia ;))

  3. Hi Frankie

    Thank you so much for the mention, that’s really nice! Even though I write in French, I’m based in Spain, in Madrid. And you ? I saw you were also in Spain… but where are you from originally?
    By the way, I’m the boyfriend of Jimena (123dinero) 😀


  4. What a great list- some I had been following already, but lots that I hadn’t (yet) seen. I would love if you could feature mine too- but understand if you don’t.

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