FREE Pinterest Templates to grow your online business

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Keep reading to be given a total of over 100 FREE Pinterest templates for Canva!!

For real?

Yep! 😀

If you have a blog, niche website, portfolio or any kind of online business you´ll know by now that Pinterest needs to be one of the cornerstones of your marketing strategy.

I can´t emphasize enough how important it is.

Yet, creating multiple pins for every post can be a mayor drag. And if you´re like me, free time is hard to come by.

That why I went ahead and made the search easier for you!

I decided to compile a list of all sites that offer free Pinterest templates.

This list of 100% FREE Pinterest templates for Canva will help you to drive crazy amounts of traffic and save you heaps of time.

What makes a great pin?

  • Pinterest’s preferred image aspect ratio is 2:3 or 1:2.1
  • Each pin must contain a title, description and URL
  • Pinterest is a visual platform, your pins need to be beautiful and stand out!

With this list you don´t need to worry about having graphic design skills. The pins listed below check every point.


These free Pinterest templates from Celicia of Inventicity are beautiful!

I´m impressed by how fresh these pins look – they´re so femenine and clean!


Tara Reid

Tara Reid gives away tons of amazing resources, completely for free!

Apart from her free canva template bundle that includes 15 Pinterest templates, she also offers free guidance in SEO and Sales Funnels.


The Inspired Boss

As Deanna from The Inspired Boss says:

“They’re 100% customizable, you can create pins that align with your branding and blog and they currently solely use free fonts within Canva, of course, if you have the paid version you can upload any other fonts you have.”


Minlee Designs

If you want free pinterest templates that are easy to edit and give a bold, professional look, then this pack is for you.

It has everything from free stock photos to free graphics which can be easily integrated into your designs!


Margaret Bourne

These 10 free Pinterest templates from Margaret Bourne will help you get started on your marketing efforts immediately!

Happily Dwell

This is a generous set of 20 free Canva Templates for Pinterest that will provide you with tons of inspiration! 


Full Circle Digital

These 3 Pinterest templates from Yolanda of Full Circle Digital are bold and clear.  The perfect pack to get started!



Xomisse offers this super pack of 10 super stylish, minimal free Pinterest templates. 

The accompanying post is packed with useful tips and definitely worth a read.


Love Family Health

The bumper pack! 25 attention grabbing free Pinterest templates!



These are the kind of pins that really convert well!

They´re eye catching, have great, clear use of text and the images support but don´t distract from the message.

10 out of 10!


Free Pinterest templates to grow your online business

By taking advantage of these free Pinterest templates you’ll be able to quickly up your Pinterest game and start bringing in way more free traffic to your blog.

I hope you found this list helpful!

I´m so grateful I found one or two free Pinterest templates shortly after starting my blog, but I wish I had found all of these resources earlier because it honestly made my life so much easier.

Please share your thoughts below! I would love to hear what free Pinterest template you use or if you find other free ones worth checking out?

You can sign up for your free Canva account here.

Happy pinning!


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