Halloween on a Budget

Halloween on a budget might feel like a distant reality as the kids demands start rolling in. Their super sized plans often require a super sized budget. 🥺

I love Halloween and really enjoy making it a magical event but i´m not prepared to spend a fortune on it. Each year I´ve gotten better at throwing an epic Halloween on a budget.

Many of these ideas are also craft, DIY projects the kids can get involved in. They´re entertained and it´s less work for you. Win, win!

These ideas only require cheap dollar store supplies, many of which you´ll already have at home.

This year with this massive bumper list of genius ideas you´ll have no problems putting on a truely unforgettable event for you and your family.

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Decorations for your Home


Halloween Costumes


Food & Drink


Crafts & Games

Treat Bags

Go have fun!

I hope you enjoyed our super bumper list of Halloween resources for an extra low budget but super fun and festive event.

If you were inspired by any of these ideas please share them with your friends and family- we love seeing how people get creative on a budget.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Halloween Friends!

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