What are your plans for February? We going to the beautiful Serra dos Ancares mountains in the north of Spain this weekend to show our little boy snow for first time ever! I´ll be reading this book by the fire. 

“We have no goals… We should be doing our best work anyway, so let’s just do that.” Holy crap. What a message.

Less plastic. Stunning Japanese tableware made from paper.

Is this buddist monk the next Marie Kondo?

Some people can “taste words”. This woman is on Twitter telling everyone what their name tastes like. 

Climate change in pastels. Can’t stop looking at them. They’re mesmerizing!

Currently living off this and these and fine with it.

Round of applause for this dear lady.

You have to commend their frugal sprit! Number 9!! ha ha ha.

(Lago di Braies, Italy photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash)

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