Net Worth Update March 2020

Well it´s been a year since I abandoned this blog and a lot has happened. I last updated here in February 2019 when our Net Worth was at €364,349.
Since then we´ve really knuckled down at work which was and wasn´t worth it. Financially it was definitely a good call.
Even with current market events taking our investment value down we´ve still managed to increase our Net Worth from February 2019 to March 2020 by over €166,000!!!!!

The down side to such crazy growth…

We´re both pretty burned out. 

We´ve been working towards our regular yearly Abril bonus but my husband has also been on trial for an additional bonus scheme that he won once before and it massively propelled us forward. 

We´re very close to the point of thinking this lifestyle isn´t sustainable, a scary thought to be having considering the current climate and the two little people depending on us. 
More on that later, but for now here´s the breakdown of our March numbers…

Net Worth March 2020: €531,190

Last month our Net Worth was at €577,185 so this is a huge stomach churning drop of €46,121!!!!! 

How much you say?

Yep! almost 50 grand!



We have huge cash reserves at the moment because for the last year we´ve stopped paying extra into our mortgages in order to have money saved up for another investment property. 
But considering the market turn we´ve decided to split this money and put about €50,000 into our Index Fund portfolio.
During the last crash we weren´t in a position to invest in the stock market but this time I´m so grateful to have the resources and financial literacy to take advantage of the fact everything´s on sale!!


We invested €4,000 this month into Index Funds. They are all Vanguard and Amundi Funds.

After 3 years of reading about F.I and listening to a billion trazillion podcasts we feel totally prepared to take full advantage of the stock market down turn and while it is a bit scary to see so much hard earned money disappear over night I know a paper loss is just that, it´s not real until we sell and we ain´t selling!

We´ve just transfered another €10,000 into our brokerage account which will be reflected in the next months numbers.

Real Estate

Not much happening here, the last few months we have just paid the minimum payment each month and let them tick along with the two investment properties earning extra cash that gets saved into an account for each property incase the roof falls in.

What is exciting is that now our cash + our investment portfolio if we sold it (which we won´t) would pay off all our mortgage debt. It´s really reassuring to know we could have no debt tomorrow if we chose to.

How did this happen?

Looking at where we started with out first Net Worth calculation in January 2017 i´m amazed at how far we´ve come without changing where we live or where we work. Just by learning the most basic skills of saving and investing we´ve increased our Net Worth by excatly €300,000 in a little over 3 years.

Looking at this bigger picture this months loss doesn´t look so scary.

These are strange times and whatever situation you´re in whether it´s in quarantine, trying to telework with kids, working on the front line or maybe you´ve been laid off, these are hard times and my heart goes out to all of you!!!

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