Net Worth Update March 2021

Well, i´ve done it again, it´s been a year since I posted here. I last updated here in March 2020 when our Net Worth was at €531,190.
Our last update was in the middle of the Covid crash having just lost almost €50k. But the market bounced back and so did we.
One year later we´ve increased our Net Worth by €150,000. 

€149,730 to be exact, to take us to our current Net Worth of €680,920!!!! A new high and soooo close to €700k!


Even though I haven´t been posting our Net Worth online we´ve still been diligently tracking our finances every month, you can see the summary of every one of our monthly Net Worth updates since January 2018 here

A monthly upkeep of our Net Worth data helps us keep an eye on our finances and not let it slip to the back burner. It reminds us what the big picture is, why we´re doing this and makes it´s so much easier to take action!

I still thank the stars I got into this stuff because our lives took a sharp right turn towards achieving our dreams as soon as we started tracking our finances. I might be sloppy with the blog posts but i´ll never stop tracking our Net Worth.

When we were struggling years ago the subject of money often dominated our conversations. While money is nothing more than a tool to achieve your dreams, getting out of debt and reaching the first €100k can seem like a mammoth task and overshadow any dreams.

Now, out of consumer debt and squarely out of the danger zone our money pretty much ticks by on auto pilot and we talk much more about our dreams, plans, projects….life!

I hope you´ll be inspired to get started with your Net Worth tracking too, even if you do it only once every six months or even just once a year. I really believe it´s one of the most powerful (and free!) tools to encourage wealth growth.

Anyways, here´s the breakdown of where we´re at in March 2021…


Net Worth March 2021: €680,920


Our cash reserves are pretty much just where they were a year ago today. 
We´re preparing for a big change in our situation. BIG change! HUGE! Not ready to share about that just yet but having a stack of cash is always a good idea when change and uncertainty are on the cards. 

Index Funds and property are great but cash will always be king!


This time last year we had just shy of €130k invested in Vanguard and Amundi Funds.

One year later that figure is just over €250k! We haven´t invested anything since mid January but just in the last month we´re up about €6,000! I love seeing this portfolio grow all by itself.

We´re still aiming to get our portfolio to €500,000. At that point we can stop investing and let it grow, this is our Coast Fire number. As long as we don´t touch it, it should grow to enough to cover us in retirement and we´ll be free to switch to less stress jobs.

Real Estate

Mortgages haven´t seen much change, we don´t pay extra in, we prefer to send any extra cash to Index Funds so they´ve been ticking over nicely and we´ve been super lucky to not lose and tennants or rent money through the pandemic.

How did this happen?

Since we first calculated our Net Worth in January 2017 we´ve increased our wealth by €450,000 in just over four years!!! That blows my mind.

If we hadn´t discovered the personal finance movement we´d still be coasting, saving a tiny bit and spending pretty much everything that comes in. We would feel so trapped now but instead we have so much freedom!

Now I know we can set goals and achieve them. Four years ago I would try to guestimate how long it might take for us to reach a Net Worth of a million. It seemed such a far off impossible dream. Now I know it will happen and much sooner than I thought in 2017.

Here´s a look at how far we´ve come…

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