The Europeans of Financial Independence February Roundup

Learning money management is awesome and Europeans are awesome. Europeans who are awesome at money management is the most awesome of all awesomeness!

So here we again with the February roundup of the most inspiring and informative posts from the EWW (European Wide Web). The aim is to help build a stronger F.I Community in Europe. Financial Independence is not as widely covered in Europe as is it in States and i´d love to help change that.

There are so many fascinating F.I inspired journey´s being documented across Europe and we can learn so much from sharing our stories, hurdles we´ve come across and lessons learned. 

Also it´s good to distract ourselves from the Herculean mess that is Brexit.

If you´re in the mood for some more reading check out Financial Independence in Europe Blogs for a full list of writers blogging about money management in Europe. Find your country on the list and reach out to someone local to you!

Here´s my top picks for February:

01: My Investment Strategy by Total Balance in Denmark

As you can tell from the name of this blog I love tracking my Net Worth after getting inspired by other Financial Independence bloggers who do the same. There´s a shroud of secrecy about money in our society and articles like this one from Nick who are open about their money management strategies help us all. Nick has a great “keep it simple” mentality that should be taught in schools.

Also i´d never heard of Body-SDS until I read Nick´s blog but it sounds fascinating and i´d like to learn more. 

02: Geographic Arbitrage – The Secret to Early Retirement in Europe by Monk Wealth in The Netherlands

I love this article. I knew areas of Europe we´re cheaper than Spain but I had no idea how cheap life can be in the Balkans. I don´t think the cost of living is enough to convince me to move there but it has made me think about where is the best place for us to settle down and it might not be where we currenlty are.

03: Will I ever be Content with where I am on my Path to Financial Independence by Mr Route to F.I in Norway

Oh Lordy can I relate to this post! I´m INFJ too and like Mr Route to F.I i´m also very driven which is a cute way of saying I´m a pain in the arse and never stop. 

I get obsessed with reaching almost impossible self inflicted goals and as soon as I do reach them I enjoy the moment, well for a moment and then move straight onto the next thing.

INFJ or not I think many people on the journey to F.I struggle with knowing when enough is enough. In my personal case I don´t really see it entirely as a bad thing that i´m always setting myself new goals. It´s the process itself not the end game that´s the fun part. It’s also why I talk about Financial Independence and not Early Retirement. I can´t imagine myself ever retiring because working towards it is too much fun!

(Oporto photo by Aperture Vintage on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “The Europeans of Financial Independence February Roundup”

  1. Hi Frankie!

    Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my KISS strategy 😛

    I highly recommend anyone to try out Body-SDS. Unfortunately, I think it’s still only available in Denmark. But I imagine the concept is everywhere. The idea of treating the body and mind simultaneously (as one “unit”) surely isn’t something new, I imagine.
    It’s indeed very effective in my experience, and makes perfect sense. Your daily stress will eventually turn into physical ache (or the other way around), if you don’t treat it properly 😉

    Looking forward to following your progress! You’re far ahead of me, some I’m very jealous about those rentals 😉 Hope to get myself some of those too, eventually! 😀

    1. Hey Nick.

      I really dived into the Body-SDS site, it makes so much sense, there is nothing like that where I live unfortunately.
      You are far ahead of me in Crowdlending, I only have €500 invested! I need to get on it, learn more from people like you, I appreciate you sharing the information on how you do it! You´ve done so well. 14% yearly returns!!!! Keep us all posted!

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