Why You Need a Side Hustle

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Why do you need a side hustle?

Well the list is exhaustive, there are a trazillion (real word) reasons.

But to summarize, it is to super charge your way to what you most want in life. 😀

Whether your dream is to quit your sucky day job or just earn a bit more money, a side hustle is the way to get there.

For the longest time I had a 9-5 mindset, believing a regular job was the only way to make a living. Admittedly, it took me quite a while to get out of that mindset.

But now, I´m currently Side Hustling as a writer/blogger, I have an Etsy store, I airBnB, I sell things online through platforms like Ebay and sometimes freelance!

Yep, i went from nothing to all in!

Side hustling is something I can so from home, earning extra income while I care for my kids.

Side hustles are truly for everyone, not just entrepreneurs.

Anyone who is willing to put in the work to make their side hustle dream become reality. Plus they are awesome fun once you get into the swing of things.

Now side hustles come in all shapes and sizes, but I think the most powerful ones are those that expand your skillset.

This has two positive side effects:

1) it makes you more marketable at work (for an internal promotion or a raise)

2) it increases your chances of success in your side hustle giving you more options.

Extra Income!!!

No matter how hard your work in your 9-5 you´re still at the mercy of your boss if you want to earn more money.

A side hustle is a great way to change this.

An additional source of income helps in reducing financial stress by increasing your savings, reducing your loans, and leaves you with extra cash for investing.

But what would you do with this side income? Well to be honest, a side hustle can really make a big difference in your life.

And here is the best part: side hustles grow over time and can become a full-time income once you adjust for your expenses and bills. In many cases this happens sooner than you think!

Creative freedom you´re not getting from your day job

Many of us are not lucky enough to love our day jobs.

You don´t like what you are doing? Side hustle!

Whether it´s illustration, writing, coding or knitting, you can pursue the thing you love and earn money at the same time!

Side hustles can be the creative outlet you crave while stuck in the daily drudgery of a regular job. You no longer have to feel trapped in your 9-5 job and suffer from boredom, dissatisfaction, and lack of fulfilment.

Side hustles have the potential to become your passion project, something you are truly passionate about that can bring real meaning into your life.

The future of work is changing

Believe it not your side hustle can give you an edge over the competition when applying for a new job.

More and more companies are now looking to outsource to freelancers/contractors or hire remote employees. These work models are what the future of work is about and getting comfortable with it early will give you a huge advantage.

Remember that side hustles help you develop skills like management, learning to deal with clients/customers, selling, and budgeting. These are important soft skills that most employers look for when recruiting someone for an open position in their company.

Provide stability & security

The Covid pandemic has changed the way we work forever.

Now more than ever you don´t want all your eggs in one basket.

Getting laid off from your day job is a hella lot less scary when you already have a side hustle. It always you to breathe easy.

Many side hustles like blogging grow over time and create passive income (i.e. you don’t have to work all the time, it keeps earning while it sleeps).

This side income can then provide you with that extra comfort level should something happen in your current job like layoffs or terminations.

It´s like building an insurance policy against unemployment.

Grow your network

Getting started meeting people and making connections in the industry you´re interested in is like building a bank of resources that you can use when you need it.

The more people you know, the more leads and opportunities for side hustle income become available to you.

I have made so many friends and contacts from my side hustles that it´s really amazing!

In some cases side hustles have led me to the most amazing opportunities in my life from finding a job, doing collaborations and learning from more experienced people.

Could allow you to quit your job

I know right?

It´s no secret I´ve never enjoyed my day jobs.

It´s always been my side hustles that make me happy and helped me pay the bills.

A side hustle can bring you FREEEEEDOM to escape the 9-5 rat race and pursue something you truly enjoy.

It takes a lot of courage to leave a stable source of income behind but side hustling can provide you with the safety net you need to take the leap of faith.

Personal growth and development

Side hustles can also help in achieving personal growth, development, and entrepreneurial creativity.

Building side businesses helps you understand what it takes to work as an entrepreneur, sell something (whether as a freelancer or business owner), promote products, deal with customers and investors etc. – all skills which you can use later in life.

You side hustle, work on the side business, and learn new things about different fields; this helps you develop your knowledge base and make better decisions in life.

Also, side businesses are great opportunities for learning about yourself – what you’re good at, what you love to do and ultimately how you want to spend your time.


Explore new opportunities and expand your horizons

Is there something you´ve always wanted to learn?

Well side hustles are great for trying out new things and expanding your knowledge base.

They give you the ability to make money while pursuing something that interests you. My side hustles have nothing to do with my day job and I love that!

You can jump into experiences risk free, pushing beyond your comfort zone.

If it doesn´t work out c´est la vie!

It's flexible and you're in control!

If one side hustle doesn’t work out, you can always create another one. And if that side hustle fails, well then it’s all good because there are plenty of others waiting to be created and tested.

It’s important to remember that side hustles are meant to help you either financially or on the personal growth side. If it doesn’t help you grow or make some extra cash, then don’t waste more time on it and move on!

Making money is an art and side hustles help you hone that art!

A side hustle is a great way to fine tune your money-making skills and learn new things.

So, in conclusion side hustles are great for gaining extra financial freedom, expanding your network, personal growth and learning new skills.

So what´s stopping you?



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