Year 2019 Net Worth in Review

Let´s get straight to it, we increased our Net Worth in 2019 from €353,149 in January to €502,736 in December!
That´s an increase of €149,587 or 42%!!!
It´s been a crazy year and we blew our goals out of the water, it did come at a price though…

Some of the goals we set ourselves for 2019 were:

01. Grow our Net Worth by €65,700. That´s €8,000 more than we did in 2018 and would take our Net Worth to €420,000. 

02. Get Rental No2 rented out!

03. Get our savings rate total for the year over 50%. It´s currently at 49%.

04. Not get freaked out by stock market volatility and keep investing €1,000 a month.

05. Pay off 33% of mortgage on Rental No2.

06. Start a blog! 

Net Worth January to December 2019

Net Worth

Making it over the half a mil mark wasn´t planned for us in 2019. We hoped we´d get to €420,000 but we exceeded our net worth goal by over €80,000!! 
The reason for this is a work bonus of about €70,000 my husband received in April. It happened at the same time as me getting a promotion so this past year we´ve both been more focused on work. This has been a challenge with two small kids running around so to keep our heads above water and in order to stay sane we´ve had to let side projects go. 
It kinda sucks because I had so many projects I was excited about but learning 

Savings Rate

Our savings rate, if we exclude the bonuses, didn’t make it over 50% largely because we started unexpectedly paying our lovely nanny more, something I’m happy about, for us it’s the best way to invest our money.

Paying off Mortgage Debt

We paid off 32.5% of the mortgage we have on our second investment property so we just missed hitting that goal by a fraction!⁣

Starting a Blog

The only one that does slightly disappoint me is this one. I tried to get into this blog but was spreading myself too thin, kids and work needed me so I decided to leave it for another time. It’s disappointing, I still think it would be a great way to connect more with people in Europe working towards Financial Independence. 

For now I will update it whenever I can.

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